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Post by ByTheWyrd on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:56 pm

Aelin Ashryver Galethynius is gone, held captive by Maeve the Queen of the Fae. Erilea stands on the eve of revolution of armies amass across the continent to fight for the fate of the world as they know it.

Feyre Acheron, High lady of the Night Court lies in wait in the Spring Court. Unknown to  the members of the Spring Court as they close her in, considering her nothing more but the High Lord Tamlin's foolish woman.

Aelin's court works to move the war they are beginning to wage into position while her Mate, Rowan Whitethorn and his cadre of Fae Male warriors hunt down the missing Queen. All while Aelin's trusted friend the shapeshifter Lysandra wears Aelin's skin to pretend for all the world that the young queen of terresan is alive and well in the ranks of her allies.

The Night Court, shot through with pain at the knowledge of their high lady in the arms of the enemy works to bring in their allies, to gain the power and following needed to protect the people of the night court as war is on the rise.

For centuries these two worlds stood apart, two halves of the same world hidden by old and deep magic. But the magic has died, and now the people of Erilea and those of Prythean and the humans within both worlds, know the other exists. With fresh territory to conquer the super powers of both worlds wish to extend their reaches and conquer the other.

With Aelin and Feyre far from their homes and the wars only just beginning, what will the fate of these two great lands be?

Only You Can Decide.


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